I realise guide in ENGLISH

I realise guide in FRENCH (collection Je réalise)

Coming soon: I realise guide in GERMAN and I realise guide in SPANISH

THE I realise book series and guide will be useful to SCHOOLS who wish to provide a personal development or support program for their students, targeting emotional intelligence and life skills.

CHILDREN LOVE THESE STORIES which they share with adults. Parents and teachers are invited to read them to children, as explained in the guide that accompanies the ‘I realise’ series.

THE I realise series is designed to help readers ACQUIRE ESSENTIAL COGNITIVE, EMOTIONAL and BEHAVIOURAL SKILLS, and to DEVELOP MINDFULNESS and RESILIENCE from an early age. The stories aim to nurture the child in all of us.

“In my experience as a coach, I have seen how adults can benefit hugely from realising how emotional strains or limiting beliefs may have formed in the course of a lifetime, through no fault of their own. Therefore, the I realise series presents scenarios, immediately relevant to children, but also very familiar to adults who may see them as simplified metaphors of grown-up perceived limitations. In this way, the I realise stories can talk to children as well as adults, helping them understand themselves better, be more mindful and make better choices.” E. Betham

Titles available so far in English and French:

The Ball (E. Betham, 2019): Le Ballon

Is it really true? (E. Betham, 2019): C’est vraiment vrai?

My emotions are helpful (E. Betham, 2020): Mes émotions sont utiles

No, thank you – Yes, please! (E. Betham, 2020): Non, merci – Oui, s’il te plait!

I am I (E. Betham, 2020): Je suis Je

I can! (E. Betham, 2020): Oui, je peux!

More titles and languages coming soon.

La série et le guide «Je réalise» seront utiles aux ÉCOLES qui souhaitent offrir à leurs élèves un programme de développement personnel ou de soutien, ciblant l’intelligence émotionnelle et les compétences de vie. Ces livres (disponibles en d’autres langues) peuvent aussi être utilisés dans L’ENSEIGNEMENT D’UNE LANGUE étrangère, en suivant une méthode telle que l’Enseignement d’une Matière Intégré à une Langue Étrangère (EMILE), l’Apprentissage Intégrant Contenu et Langue (AICL), ou Coaching For Language Learning (CFLL) – pour plus de renseignements, se référer au guide téléchargeable.

DIE REIHE “I realise“ KANN IN SCHULEN BENUTZT WERDEN, die ihren Schülern ein Programm zur persönlichen, kognitiven, emotionalen und verhaltensbezogenen Entwicklung anbieten möchten, oder als Teil eines Unterstützungs-oder Förderprogramms. AUCH IM FREMDSPRACHENUNTERRICHT können diese Bücher verwendet werden, da sie in verschiedenen Sprachen erhältlich sind : Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch… Weitere praktische Informationen finden Sie in der herunterladbaren Anleitung.

LA SERIE “I realise” SERA MUY UTIL PARA LAS ESCUELAS que deseen ofrecer un programa personal cognitivo, emocional y de desarrollo de comportamiento para los estudiantes, o como parte de un programa de apoyo. Estos libros (disponibles en otras lenguas) también pueden ser usados en Ingles como segunda lengua o para aprender otra lengua – para mas información, refiérase por favor a la guía en línea.

All I realise titles can be used in ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (ESL) or in foreign LANGUAGE TEACHING, focusing on the story contents and following a Coaching For Language Learning (CFLL) approach, which is Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and Learner Centered.


Coaching For Language Learning (E. Betham, 2018): This book, with downloadable Interactive Projectable Classes in English for professionals, describes how LCC is applicable in many language and performance coaching situations.

Notes for teachers and learners of English:

CFLL is a content-based approach, with the coach assisting in research or in an activity on a subject of interest to the learner – which is not always of a purely linguistic or grammatical nature. However, the target language is always used as a medium through which something is learnt.

Furthermore, CFLL incorporates professional coaching, as the approach advocates guiding the learners to use their Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness skills so as to enhance self-awareness, such as one’s learning strategies, to improve communicative competence, self-confidence and performance in the process of learning English.

The many advantages of the coaching approach for language learning are exposed in the book: Coaching For Language Learning (CFLL), 2018. This book explains the rationale and provides many examples for CFLL as a very rewarding successful approach in ESL. It comes with ready-to-use Interactive Projectable Classes (IPCs) which are intended for Intermediate levels and up.

With the I realise series (see above), more CFLL material is offered, which can be used with children and adults of earlier levels of English. For more information, refer to the I realise Guide; it sets the context for CFLL as one where learners ‘cannot be wrong’ and the coach offers support, and it offers many activities and discussion topics designed to promote self-growth in learners while they are practicing and improving fast in the target language.

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